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Thursday, February 25, 2010

With cuff design in mind...(Part 1)

Part knight in shining armor. Part damsel in distress. This ultra hip chain mail and ribbon cuff is 100% medieval siren!
"Holding It Together" bracelet by Moody and Sanguine

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Denise, who works with her creative partner and friend, Melina, to design for Moody and Sanguine --- an edgy Etsy shop that sells everything from necklaces, to bags, to home accessories...and of course...cuffs. Find out what this "cuffie" from Halifax had to say about her work in this week's artist interview...
Q: What makes your shop unique?
What makes our shop unique is that we have items to suit such a variety of styles. We sell to people of all ages and of every lifestyle. We like so many things and can only guess that others are the same way.

Q: How long have you been designing cuff bracelets?
This particular cuff was the first of my design. I created it a year ago and it is easily one of our best sellers.

Q: Describe the cuffs you design (materials, style, special features etc.)
While the two of us work in different fields (jewelry and sewing), cuffs are definitely an area where we converge. I have been making chainmaille cuffs out of bright aluminum while Melina has recently been designing ones out of fabric. We even have some ideas that will merge the two media. Stay tuned!

Q: What type of woman do you imagine wearing your cuffs? (Include the name of at least two celebs that you think would love to rock your cuff and tell why...)
So many cuffs for so many different women. I would love to see this particular cuff in a Tim Burton movie, maybe worn by Helena Bonham-Carter. That would be a dream! (The interviewer agrees...a perfect fit Denise!)

Q: Finish the following sentence: "I consider myself a cuffie (lover of cuffs) because..."
... after all those years watching Wonder Woman how could I be anything else? I only wish I could deflect bullets with my wrists...


  1. I'm now a follower. Great interview! =)

  2. Your work is gorgeous! I'm so excited that i found your blog and I can't wait to see what you post next.