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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cuffed and Clustered...(Part 4)

Salut Cuffies,

At first glance, I couldn't quite figure this cuff out. So I took a second glance --- AND a look-see at the description (hehehe) --- and it all came together. San Fransisco designer/dancer, Liza of CBLadornments, created this expressive and modern looker using a technique she invented herself. Combining different textures of resin with other materials, her work simulates "captured motion". This particular piece reminds me of a bubbly cauldron of cherry flavored lava! Hand forged and encased in tin, recycled glass components add an eco-friendly touch. As grown and cosmopolitan as a "Cape Cod" (aka. Grey Goose and Cranberry juice) and the Manhattan skyline, this cuff deserves every bit of its double-take.


Enjoy this cluster inspired by today's featured cuff!
"With A Cherry On Top" curated by Lee Dorsey


  1. Im not really a red kinda person, but that cuff is still stunning! happy st. pattys day :)

  2. i might want to eat it... or not...not sure. i love reds :)

  3. I have never seen anything like this!! Reminds me of those Pop Rocks I used to eat as a kid. Very cool.....