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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shackled in time...(Part 2)

Salut Cuffies,

Miles away from the Nile River lied a civilization in which gold had no monetary value. In fact, possessing gold was no measure of how rich or poor you were...It was there that the cuff bracelet continued its long journey through time. Where was this unique land??? Enter Ancient Peru, home of the Inca. Historians have discovered that the Inca believed gold was the male image of god. Result: The more gold jewelry you wore, the more "blessed" you were thought to be. Cuff bracelets were worn by everyone in Inca society. Though crafted of various materials, such as colorful braided fibers and good luck seeds call huairuro, it was still the gold cuff that was most popular and most admired. Inca women used them both in their everyday wardrobe and for special religious ceremonies --- and putting on their cuffs in the morning was probably as much a part of their daily routine as putting on their sandals. A pure gold cuff bracelet everyday??? Now, that's a civilization I could get used to.


Above: Princess Amanda "Turtle Love Affair" Cuff Bracelet (This polished goldtone cuff was inspired by the Incas of Peru --- who were renowned for their love of symbolism --- and is representative of the myriad of good luck symbols embodied by the turtle.)

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