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Thursday, March 4, 2010

With cuff design in mind...(Part 2)

Simple enough to wear everyday. Smart enough to be noticed. This expertly made sterling cuff is meant to be stacked!
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Purple Design Studio

Not too long ago, I sat down with Ruth --- a trained illustrator turned stay-at-home mother of three. Her Etsy shop, Purple Design Studio, has a rustic elegance about it that is echoed in her designs. (If she'd told me her workshop was in a restored 1930s barn, it would have come as no surprise). Besides cuffs, she also creates some clever yet functional, jewelry display frames that I'm dying to get my hands on! Find out what this Kansas "cuffie" had to say about her work in this week's artist interview...

Q: What makes your shop unique?
It is part of me. I design jewelry that I love.

Q: How long have you been designing cuff bracelets?
It has only be about a year since I first started making them and am looking forward to making many more.

Q: Describe the cuffs you design (materials, style, special features etc.)
They are made of a simple sterling silver rod, some of them are patterned, some are plain. Several can be worn together or one individually depending on the persons taste. Each cuff is cold forged; formed, hammered, filed and polished.

Q: What type of woman do you imagine wearing your cuffs? (Include the name of at least two celebs that you think would love to rock your cuff and tell why...)
Oh, wow, this is a hard question! Women that love classic styles and great fashion with out the fuss in their everyday accessories. Angelina Jolie, Jenny McCarthy and Jada Pinkett Smith come to mind as busy stylish women/moms that would wear one of the cuffs in an outing to the park with the kids or stack several together for a great look for an evening out.

Q: Finish the following sentence: "I consider myself a cuffie (lover of cuffs) because..."
...I feel naked with out mine! I think that every woman should have at least one great cuff bracelet that can span any occasion.


  1. I like this cuff. Very simple and pretty, just my style!

  2. Lovely bracelet, I could see myself wearing this!