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Thursday, March 18, 2010

With cuff design in mind...(Part 4)

Crisp and classy, this cuff will add just the right touch of western elegance to your spring wardrobe.
Romancing The Stone Cuff by SeptemberRose76

From her Anaheim home, Etsy newbie, Anna, crafts these southwestern chic cuffs, which she then sells in her meticulous on-line store, SeptemberRose76. Bold yet versatile, these beauties have the perfect balance of "cowgirl cool". Anna's store is simply choc full of cuffs (many limited edition or OOAK) and every bracelet uses real leather and is layered with semi-precious stones, wooden beads, shells and studded metallic accents. Read all about the genius behind SeptemberRose76 in this week's artist interview...

Q: What makes your shop unique?
As much of a trend-following fashionista as I consider myself to be, I really strive to make my pieces unique and different from anything you could pick up at a local boutique. I've had a love affair with cuffs since I can remember, and I always gravitate to the ones that are the most bold, stand-out pieces. I'm not a wall-flower, and I don't think the type of girl wearing my cuffs is either! These are truly statement making accessories, guaranteed to be noticed.

Q: How long have you been designing cuff bracelets?
I began crafting for September Rose very recently, in January of this year. I've worked in the fashion industry for the last 10 years, in various segments including buying, merchandising and, most recently, designing. I've been a swimwear designer for the last four years, but I've always secretly wanted to start my own jewelry/accessory line. Naturally, I already knew it would have to be my favorite accessory, the cuff! I have a huge collection of them, and am always on the prowl for that next, unique piece. I had all these ideas about what I thought would look cool, so I finally decided to make my own. I showed a good friend, and she encouraged me to move forward with trying to sell them......and that's how September Rose was born.

Q: Describe the cuffs you design (materials, style, special features etc.)
I am in love with the free-spirited meets rock n' roll vibe of the "boho chic" movement, so I tend to have a blend of both natural and metallic elements. All my cuffs are made with high-grade, genuine leather, and then embellished with semi-precious stones (turquoise is my favorite!), wood, shells, and all kinds of metallic studs. I think the combination of these materials, together with precise finishing techniques, give my pieces a rustic yet sophisticated feel. I want someone to be able to wear it with their white summer dress and sandals by day, and then jeans and sky-high heels at night.

Q: What type of woman do you imagine wearing your cuffs? (Include the name of at least two celebs that you think would love to rock your cuff and tell why...)
I would say that my product is geared towards a very hip, fashionable and celebrity/trend-driven female market. I would put my target customer's age range at about mid 20's to 30's. Particularly anyone who follows the "boho" style.... And definitely a girl who wants to command attention when she walks in the room! If I could get my jewelry on any celebrities, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Ritchie would be my top picks. I think they precisely embody the style, and way of eclectically mixing elements that I idolize.

Q: Finish the following sentence: "I consider myself a cuffie (lover of cuffs) because..."
...I am a confident, strong women who enjoys being noticed for her bold fashion choices.

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