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Monday, March 1, 2010

In good company...(Part 2)

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend." --- so sang Marylin Monroe, one of my favorite actresses, in the 1953 classic comedy, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. But, nowhere did this seem to be more true than at this year's Grammy awards held one month ago today. Per usual, the red carpet had enough bling to light up a small town, but it was the iced-out cuffs that caught my attention (naturally). This stunner was worn by new R&B talent, Melanie Fiona --- and is by far my fave of the night. The "Flash" cuff from Italian jeweler Damiani was crafted with 184 grams of platinum, 188.3 grams of 18k yellow gold, enamel and 88.59 cts. of diamonds. This piece also won the “Diamonds International Award” -- the most prestigious award in diamond jewelry design. The cuff, as well as Fiona's "Torchon" earrings with 18k white gold and 1.84 cts. of diamonds (also from Damiani) have a suggested retail price of...$ 27,590. Sooo...which one of you cuffies out there will take one??? Brrrr...

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